Fighting Impulsivity

Perdita Masters
6 min readAug 14, 2022

Keeping my manic business creativity at bay

image from Canva

‘I just wish I could think of an idea. A money making idea. A side hustle,’ said me NEVER.

I’ve got the exact opposite problem.

Despite the fact that I come on Medium to have a vent and a moan, use you for free therapy and sometimes sound like an ungrateful brat, I am actually a very optimistic person.

Optimism isn’t as helpful as you might think.

My problem is that my overactive brain goes POP, POP, POP with new ideas all day long (and all night too). We are so blessed to be alive today. We have so much opportunity at our fingertips.

I even designed a notebook to capture my ideas. You can get a copy from Amazon here. It has little light bulb shapes which I put ideas into and then I brainstorm other ideas and thoughts in the surrounding spaces. I have six of these notebooks packed full of content as well as lists in the notes section of my phone.

my idea generator’s notebook

You might be thinking, ‘Wow! How lucky are you? You’re able to come up with loads of ideas, that’s great.’