How the Other Half Hustle

Perdita Masters
4 min readAug 16, 2022

Taking inspiration from Julie Montagu, the American Viscountess

Earl of Sandwich (Canva)

Like most of you, I’m interested in ways to hustle.

I want to live my best life, work on my own terms.

I earn my living through a handful of different income streams, mostly around writing, but also teacher training, furniture flipping, KDP and rental properties.

But it’s not just regular people that are hustling. It’s all of us. Including the aristocracy.

That’s right. Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you’ve actually got any money these days. Especially not if you’re trying to maintain and restore a huge manor estate that is hundreds of years old.

Recently I’ve been enjoying following the work of Julie Montagu.

You should check her out. If you’re British, you’ll like her. If you’re American you’ll like her. Heck I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t like her. She’s humble, authentic and hard working, with a great sense of humour. These are qualities I aspire to have.

But who is she?

Julie Montagu’s official title is Viscount Hinchingbrooke. She’s an American who married into the British aristocracy and fully embraces her role. In 2005, Julie married Luke Montagu, Viscount Hinchingbrooke, who is the son and heir to John Montagu, 11th Earl of Sandwich.

Julie may have married into an aristocratic family but it hasn’t automatically meant that she’s wealthy. There have been many times that Julie and Luke have lacked any sort of financial security.

So although to the outside eye it may look as if she’s struck gold with her marriage into the House of Montagu, Julie and Luke work tirelessly to restore their estate, Mapperton in Dorset.

What does she do?

She’s described as an entrepreneur, yoga instructor, blogger, writer and television personality. She hustles.

Early in their relationship, when her husband Luke suffered years of side effects from being removed from prescription medication by an addiction clinic, Julie became the breadwinner running yoga classes in local church halls.

Based on their experiences and following Luke’s recovery, Julie founded the charity…