Krystyna from №19

Perdita Masters
5 min readAug 9, 2022

The nicest person I’ve met in ages

image from Canva

I’m not really a people person.

I’m content with my own company, my kids and immediate family.

I do have a few friends and I enjoy the odd coffee with them. I’m not a total recluse. But peopling is draining. It requires too much thought, effort and energy.

My husband worries that my desire for us to live in a remote place will deprive the children of a social upbringing like he enjoyed. He was an estate kid who spent many happy days hanging out on streets, in and out of neighbours’ houses and at the park with all the other local children.

My mum was more concerned with safety, and my parents were quiet and private people, so I grew up a in a more sheltered ‘at home’ environment.

I tell my husband that the children will be fine because we’ll consciously make the effort to join sports clubs, go on play dates and connect with other families. He worries that I won’t do as I say.

Today I had a glimpse at what my husband means by ‘community’. I met Krystyna at №19. Krystyna is the nicest, most natural and welcoming people-person I’ve possibly ever met. Meeting her wasn’t tiring, or awkward, or boring, or draining at all. I could have chatted to her for ages. I’m both in awe of Krystyna and intrigued by her. Let me tell you about…