The Queen of Procrastination

Perdita Masters
5 min readAug 8, 2022
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Today I hands-down, unequivocally, undeniably, win the title of Queen of Procrastination.


I have this piece of client work I need to do. It was due to be handed over today. They were probably expecting it at 9am but I’m so experienced at procrastinating and missing deadlines that I know I’ll get away with bending the definition of ‘Monday’.

We didn’t clarify Monday at 9am, nor Monday at COB (close of business 5pm) so I’m avoiding my email inbox and I’ll aim to have it done later tonight.

It’s not that it’s a particularly difficult piece of work. It’s very straightforward actually. I’ve already done the research and background work. All I need to do is sit and and focus for a couple of hours.

But instead of just getting on with it, I’ve done everything in my power to avoid it, all-day-long.

Even though I know that it makes me feel miserable, and short-tempered, and I have a huge weight on my shoulders (isn’t it funny how things in your mind can affect your physical self?), and I know how good I’ll feel once it’s done, I’ve still put it off.

I’ve made excuses…

  • I write my best stuff under pressure (this is true, but I’m sure I could also write well if I tried to when not under pressure)
  • I write my best stuff late at night (this is true, but is also a consequence of the above and below points)
  • I can’t concentrate until the kids are in bed (this is definitely true, but they don’t sleep until super late so I’m stuffed)
  • I can’t concentrate while I’m waiting for the food shop to arrive (short bursts don’t work for me, I need to know that I’ve got no distractions for a few hours)

I’ve found other things to do instead…

  • Read the news online
  • Scrolled social media online
  • Checked my Amazon KDP sales (tumbleweed — usually about one per day — I have a long way to go!)
  • Researched and brainstormed ideas for more KDP books (but didn’t actually create any so it’s not like I can say ‘oh well at least I made some KDP books while I was procrastinating’)
  • Tidied and cleaned a little bit…
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